The Calgary Sun referred to living in the community of Mahogany as ‘feeling like a vacation’ in March of this year, and they couldn’t be more right.  This Calgary neighbourhood has been rising to the top for over a decade as one of the most desirable communities in the city to set down roots. Currently caught in that sweet spot between established and still developing, you are likely already aware of its incredible amenities and benefits because you live there!  Whether you are new to the community, or just shopping around for alternative insurance options, we have you covered.

Mahogany provides a unique profile of living situations and opportunities, all of which need to be considered by an insurance agent in order to piece together the best package.  As a neighbourhood that holds a number of different housing options at a variety of price points, it is important that your insurance provider is considerate to each specific case and its distinct needs.  The community delivers both homeownership possibilities and rental properties, and by choosing an insurance provider that knows the area intimately, you are more likely to get a rate specifically customized to your situation and with consideration of the surrounding area.  

Living on or near Mahogany Lake could change the type of activities that you and your family choose to engage in. You might own a different set of recreational equipment of significant value worthy of protecting.  Even though motorized vehicles are not supported on the lake, you may have invested in a nice canoe, a couple of kayaks, or a fleet of stand-up-paddle boards by which to experience the water’s beauty. If you are a lake-lover at heart, it is possible you own some motorized water vessels to take to other lakes on the weekends.  Regardless of the way you wish to interact with the water, your insurance provider should be versed in how to insure this type of property and even how to bundle it in with your other insurance needs.

One of the nice things that Mahogany affords to its residents is an ease of accessing the mountains and other wild spaces.  Close to Fish Creek park and its many bike trails, and located a short jaunt on the 22x down to Bragg Creek – the potential for more recreational activities is plentiful.  Your garage may be filled with mountain bikes, ATVs, snowmobiles and so much more, all of which need to be considered when building a custom insurance package. Alongside your outdoor toys, you might even be housing a vintage car that comes out for a cruise only on the nicest of weekends.   Each dwelling is anticipated to be unique from all of the others – and so each household needs to be insured as such.

We know Mahogany – and we love its quickly growing community.  Even though it is only a subdivision to a much larger city – it has effectively cultivated a small town feel. It is this connected vibe that allows us to do what we do best – know our clients.  Because we are passionate about the neighbourhood and the people in it, we can get to know each of our clients on a more personal level – making the event of getting insurance more than just a necessity, but a pleasant and customized experience at heart.