Congratulations!  You have purchased your first home!  This is a paramount moment in your life, and likely the largest investment you have ever made.  As such, it is important that you take the proper steps to protect this new investment.

 Homeowners insurance isn’t mandatory by law, but it is mandatory to be considered a responsible homeowner.   There are so many potential issues that could compromise your home – events with weather, crime, fire and more.   Insurance helps to protect you in circumstances that are potentially unforeseen and quite pricey.

 So how does one go about buying homeowners insurance?  Well, the first and most important thing to share with your insurance provider is ALL of the details!   Our agents will walk you through a list of questions in deciding the best rates for you, and it is best you try to answer with as much detail as possible.  

 From details about the age of the home, it’s foundation, roofing specifics, and way more, try to have handy all of the information at your disposal to make the process as fluid as possible.  The contents of your home will also be a factor in your insurance. This is where it helps to create a list.

 Think of anything of significant value in your home.  Electronics like computers, televisions, home entertainment systems, these all count as insurable items.  If you like to invest in jewelry, expensive clothing, or fur coats, these are all items that could count as well.  How about that antique dinner set handed down to you from your great grandmother, or the painting by a famous artist gifted to you by your parents when you moved in? The mountain bike in the garage, the cedar canoe in the back yard;  it all counts, and is worth insuring.


Accounting for these items, and knowing their value is important in determining an insurance quote representative of your not only your home – but a good amount of your life.  So when you make a new purchase, it is important that you update us on it so we can ensure it is accounted for in your policy.

 Personal liability is another reason for homeowners insurance.  We have all heard horror stories of someone tripping or slipping on the sidewalk of someone’s home – an event that is unfortunate for the injured and stressful for the homeowner.  Sometimes it ends in a legal dispute that could be drawn out and quite expensive. Icy sidewalks are definitely an issue in Calgary, even with best intentions to keep them clear and salted.  Sometimes occurrences just happen, and there is nothing you can do!

 Rest at night with a plan that is tailored to your life and your needs.  In a worst case scenario, you will have a few less things to worry about so that you can focus on what is ultimately the most important – getting on with your life!