3 No-nonsense tips for spring cleaning

Apr 17, 2019

There are some important things to cleaning your house in the spring that will not only make you feel better about the season changing, but also keep your home healthy and provide protection against unfortunate incidents!

1. Clean your gutters!  It is necessary for the proper drainage of water away from the house to keep your gutters clear of debris.  When the gutters are full of leaves and other matter, they overflow and direct water towards the house creating the potential for flooding.
2. Declutter! Unnecessary junk can build up, and too much junk can become a fire hazard over time.  Get rid of all those newspapers in the garage, or read magazines building up in the basement!
3. Clean your chimney flue!  A winter of cuddling up by the fire might mean that there is a build up of ash in the flue – which can be a potential fire hazard!

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