A Quick Guide to the Best Wedding Day Ever

Apr 3, 2019

Wedding season is upon us – which could mean that your big day is quickly approaching on the horizon.  This will no doubt be one of the most memorable days of your life. So what does it take to make this day the absolute best?  Likely, you have been concerning yourself with the obvious – finding that perfect location, picking out that iconic dress (if you are the bride-to-be), inviting all of your loved ones, arranging the wedding rings – you probably already know the list goes on and on.  An extensive list of considerations for your big day also points to the extensive list of expenses that are associated with any wedding. With the average cost per guest cost at $268 with a typical guest list of around 130, the totals start to add up. The average Canadian wedding costs around $35,000! That’s the cost of a brand new vehicle! With so much money being spent on this one day, there is a lot riding on everything going right.  


So you can appreciate that to have the perfect day might be a tall order.  With all of the pressure of money spent on so many moving parts, the anxiety of something going wrong can be rather distracting.  How can you make this the best day ever under all of these considerations? Insurance.


Yes, that is right.  You can insure your wedding day.  Your first step is to call your insurance provider or broker and ask what it is they can do for you. Often times, insurance companies will consider it a special type of event insurance. This means you are covered if unforeseen circumstances should occur that might prevent the event from happening, like extreme weather conditions, or problems with the venue. This also means that if for some reason someone gets hurt at the wedding, you will be protected from any fall out that could result.  No need to worry if Uncle Ned has one too many from the toonie bar and breaks a leg dancing. Or, if your second cousin Carol brings her 9 year old step son who is allergic to peanuts and gets his hands on the peanut butter wedding cake you selected, rest assured you won’t be the hook for that either.


Important articles like wedding rings, the engagement ring and even the wedding dress can be insured under your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance as a separate schedule that takes into special consideration the value of these precious items.  And of course, there is travel insurance. You will need to recuperate with your new spouse for a good while after the wedding. When the big day is said and done and you both trundle off on that romantic getaway, you can continue to rest easy with comprehensive travel insurance that will cover everything from medical emergencies to lost baggage!  

What are you waiting for?

Spend more time enjoying your home and property, and less time looking for a broker that understands you.