How to Rock Your Summer Vacation – Pt. 1 Camping

Jun 6, 2019

Going camping is one of the best ways to enjoy the summer with family and friends, and for a lot of us, sitting out under the stars and sharing stories after a fantastic day is like a little slice of heaven.  However, heaven takes a lot of time and effort to put together, and organizing an amazing outdoor holiday can be really stressful. Luckily, there are a few simple things that you can do so your next trip is less about worrying if you’ve forgotten something, and more about enjoying the moment.

Do Your Research

The best part of camping is experiencing amazing places, and here in Alberta, there is certainly no shortage of awesome campgrounds to choose from. Looking to get away from the city and everyone in it?  Want to relax in front of a fire every night? Love to swim, hike, or run trails? Have pets you want to bring along for the adventure? Do your homework on the campsites you’re interested in visiting and be sure that they have what you’re looking for in an outdoor getaway. The Alberta Parks website is a great resource covering all of Alberta’s Provincial campgrounds, and offers in-depth information about what amenities are available, restrictions like fire bans, and takes reservations to help you be prepared to have the best weekend ever.

Be Your Own Michelin Star Chef

Meal planning isn’t just for the work week: having a solid plan for what you’ll eat on your camping trip is essential. You’ll want to consider things like on the length of your trip, how you’re camping, and how many you’re feeding when making your meal plan to ensure that you have enough food to last and a way to keep it fresh. Consider chopping and cooking some ingredients ahead of time, and marinate meat at home so you’re not rushing to prep after a day’s activities. Practice some recipes ahead of time so you’re not regretting trying to cook rice over the campfire without an effective way of scouring the pot afterwards, and don’t forget to pack the spices. Whether you’re a pro at cooking from scratch over campfire, love busting out your own griddle and tools, or are making meals in your RV’s kitchen, taking some time to plan your meals around your activities will take a lot of the stress out of the trip and ensure that you’re not foraging when you could be relaxing.

Sleep Easy

After a weekend filled with exploring the outdoors on a hike, taking a swim in the lake, or roasting marshmallows over a campfire, it’s time to settle down in your home base. Whether you’re pitching a tent, sleeping under the stars, or luxuriating in an RV, make sure you know how to set up camp at the end of the day. You’re out here to have fun, not be frustrated, so spend some time getting to know and maintain your home base.

If you’re travelling to camp sites with your RV, make sure you’ve purchased RV insurance. Like any other vehicle, your RV needs to be insured for the road in case of an accident, but some types of RV insurance will cover the contents inside your RV too and offering better coverage than your vehicle and home insurance. After all, your RV big investment and you will want to take care of it so it.

Not sure what type of insurance to get for your tow-trailer or motorized RV? Speak to one of our experienced brokers to understand what your options are.

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