Join Us For The Polar Dip

Dec 23, 2018

Looking for a jump start to the New Year?  Join us for the New Year’s Day Calgary Ice Breaker Polar Dip at the Mahogany Homeowners’ Association Beach Club!

Taking this icy plunge will do far more than just shock your system, the Polar Dip is being held in support of SA FOUNDATION – an organization fighting back against the issue of human trafficking.  Human trafficking is the SECOND LARGEST business in organized crime and there are still nearly 45 million slaves in need of help today. The SA FOUNDATION is on the ground helping women and children escape situations of trafficking and sexual exploitation all over the world.  Funds donated to this organization go to the development of safe housing and recovery programs. SA FOUNDATION’s mission is to help women worldwide, and with a program that is accessible and easy to replicate, they are well on their way to succeeding in their fight to end slavery.

This event is hosted in support of SA FOUNDATION by Old Guys In Action – a “somewhat elastic group” of men and women of all ages that coordinate events just like this to raise funds for worthy causes.  This year’s Polar Dip marks their 10th anniversary of the event! Over the years they have raised over $500,000 in Polar Dip funds for a number of worthy causes.

What can you look forward to on this day?  Well, despite a cold water splash, there will be a ton of fun.  Participants wear costumes, perform little dances maybe, and then, of course, jump into the freezing cold waters of Mahogany Lake.  If you are joining in on the cold water fun – you will be warmed up sufficiently afterwards. The hot tub in the club house will be primed and ready, there will be light snacks, and of course lot’s of other participants to hang out with.  

After everyone has plunged and is warmed up – participants and their cheerleaders are welcome in to the banquet room to enjoy hot drinks and snacks while watching the big prize giveaways.  Prizes will be granted to individuals who raise the most funds, wear the best costume and much more!

It is such a great way to get involved with an organization doing something really worthwhile, and be an active member of the fantastic community of Mahogany!

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